Who's Musing?

Who's doing the musing?


Husband. Father. Roman Catholic. Patriot. Craft Beer Fan. Uncompromising 2nd Amendment Advocate.

What will you read here? Anything of interest to me is fair game, after all it's my blog. I write as an enthusiast, not an expert. You should expect to see lots of stuff about craft beer, especially craft beer from Virginia. I enjoy shooting both for fun and for self defense preparation, and participate in matches and training classes as much as my schedule will allow. This blog will also serve as a journal, for my benefit, of those experiences. I am blessed with a beautiful, loving wife and a wonderful son. Surely there will be postings about family matters too. I love these United States of America and I have exactly zero tolerance for those who feel otherwise. Yes, I'm proud to be a faithful Catholic and a conservative Virginian. Musings over a pint; the title says it all.

What else do you want to know? The answers can probably be found in these blog pages. Grab a beer, sit back and read a bit. Keep an open mind. Enjoy.

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Gladly accepting blog related products for possible review.

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My Twitter, Flicker and YouTube feeds are public, though sporadically updated. Facebook is more like my living room, so if I don't know you, an introduction might help get you in the door.