Friday, May 26, 2017

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Blue & Gray Breweriana at the Beach

Blue & Gray Brewery may no longer be in existence, but my collection of glassware and growlers from the brewery still provided valuable service last weekend.

The growler and glass hold held Captain Lawrence Effortless IPA.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Practice Round Count

I was reading some friends' comments online recently about how many rounds they fired in a month. They were quoting numbers like 1,500 or 2,000 each month. I knew I was nowhere near those numbers, but it made me curious to check my own shooting logs.

As of May 16, my last range outing, I had fired approximately 2,875 rounds in practice this year. While not high numbers in comparison, those rounds were generally fired with a purpose in mind. I fired another 935 or so rounds in IDPA matches were I could judge the fruits of that practice.

I stated earlier this year that I wanted to step up my dry fire time as well. Sadly that hasn't happened yet. I've only gotten in about 4 and a quarter hours total so far, in mostly 10 minute sessions.

Self examination can be revealing. I will try to raise the numbers in all three categories this summer.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Remember Fabio?

The Italian immigrant, now an American citizen, has a few things to say about the left's support for criminals.

“The day you give up your weapon in the United States, the United States is going to be history.”
-- Fabio Lanzoni

See "Fabio’s Advice to Americans: ‘Don’t Ever Give Up Your Guns’" for more on his warnings to American citizens.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Alcoholic Donuts

Need I say more?

The boozy snacks are part of a five week series from the Doghnut Project featuring recipes inspired by cocktails from some of the New York City’s best bars.

Pictured is the "Dutch Doughnut," inspired by the "Oh Snap!” cocktail which includes tequila, mezcal, lemon, snap pea and tarragon.

More delights at the link.

Friday, May 19, 2017

It's Practice, But Still Fun

There's no denying that I simply like shooting. I find it a personally satisfying and enjoyable activity. I also like competing in practical pistol matches, and strive to do as well as I can despite bad eyes and worn out knees. My shooting goals are my own, and I'm my own competition and critic. I occasionally simply hit the range just for the fun of it, but most often I go to practice, even when I don't really feel like it.

As I sat at my desk preparing to head out for my weekly visit to the indoor range this week, I wasn't feeling up to the trip. I would have to hit the interstate and run the risk of sitting traffic. I didn't know how many other shooters would be there or how competent they would be. I did know it would be hot inside. And my gun was dirty. It would be easy to just skip it.

But you don't get better, at anything, by not practicing. So off I went. The session consisted of two 50 round Julie Golob drills, at 7 and 10 yards. Looking at my targets after each group was a little frustrating as I always seem to have a flier or two when I run this exercise. When doing my practice drills I often feel I shoot more poorly than when at a match. I also tend to go a little faster than I should, which is actually a good thing in practice I guess. I finished the session with another 50 rounds with a target set at 20 yards.

It was a good practice session. And it turned out to be fun too.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Overheard at the Range

From the Range Master: "If you are shooting two guns at once, stop it."

Fortunately the offender idiot left so I didn't have to. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Adventure Brewing 3rd Anniversary Festival

Adventure Brewing is celebrating their 3 year anniversary this weekend. It looks like a great party is in the making. Here is the press release sent by the brewery...
May 20th is our 3rd Year Anniversary Festival! The celebration will last from noon to 10 pm. We have a ton of great stuff planned for you, including:

-Live music all day
* Karen Jonas
* Blues Rebellion
* Cabin Creek
* The Acoustic Onion

-Rotating taps

-Breweries with their own stations
* Crooked Run Brewing
* Heroic Aleworks
* Brew Republic Bierwerks
* 6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company
* Spencer Devon Brewing

-Food Trucks
*Will's Place Va
* The UFO Truck
* Beverley's Ribinator BBQ
* 716 Slice

-Local Vendors
* Daddy G's Rockin' Salsa
* Embassy Cigar Lounge
* A. Smith Bowman Distillery
* Fred Vegas Brew Tours

-Cider and Wine from Virgina's finest
* Potomac Point Vineyard and Winery
* Bold Rock Cidery

And finally, we will be releasing our our 3 Year Anniversary Triple IPA, Bourbon Barrel Stonewall Stout and Long awaited Temporary Insanty All same day; which you will not want to miss out on!

We'll be updating this information as it comes in, so keep an eye out here and in your email for the latest news.

Purchase your Advanced tickets Today!!

Congratulations to Adventure Brewing on a successful three years!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fairfax IDPA Match

Last Saturday, I made the drive north on I-95 to shoot the IDPA match held at Fairfax Rod & Gun Club. It had been raining for several days prior, and the weather was questionable for Saturday, but after missing my range trip earlier in the week, I was committed to attending the match, even if the weather was inclement. Fortunately the rain held off, although it did remain overcast, damp and cool throughout much of the match.

We began the first stage holding an AR-15 blue gun shoulder in a shooting position. At the start signal, we hung rifle by its sling and drew our gun, which was loaded with six rounds. There were three targets to be engaged around a barricade. Then two targets to be engaged while on the move to the next shooting position. The stage ended with three more targets around a barricade.

The next stage again made use of the prop gun, which was simply slung over our shoulder. We also carried an ammo can in our weak hand. Three targets were engaged on the move strong hand only. After moving to cover we dropped the ammo can and engaged three more targets.

Both of these stages were a lot of fun to shoot, and the added props served to keep us off our stride. 

The next stage required both strong and weak hand shooting, with all shots taken while kneeling. We started with the loaded gun in our weak hand, facing two targets. Six shots were required, weak hand only, on the first target. Transitioning to the strong hand, we then put six shots on the remaining target.

The next course had eight targets to be engaged from three different shooting positions. We began the stage holding a box in both hands, and after dropping the box we shot three targets around the right side of a wall cover. Moving to the other end of a wall, there were three more targets from the left side of cover. Moving to a third point of cover, we finished off the last two targets.

The final two stages were shot on a course of fire that was shot twice, in opposite directions each time. On one side of the course was a barricade from where three targets were engaged, while other side of the stage featured stacked barrels which also hid three targets. All targets required three hits each. 

Our group was the last squad to shoot these two stages, and a result of many other shooters moving through and shooting the ground was now especially muddy and slick. The ground conditions behind the barricade was especially poor which meant extra attention was required for sure footing. In addition, dropping empty magazines meant they would definitely need a serious cleaning afterwards. Interestingly, many shooters opted to retain their mags and drop them in a pocket rather than let them fall to the ground.

The match was very enjoyable, and the stages offered interesting challenges. I tried to pick up my speed a bit, but I did drop a few points on most of the stages. Most of those were from low shots. I really need to get in more live fire practice shooting around barricades; unfortunately given local range restrictions that will only come with shooting more matches. Despite a disappointing 13 points down, I managed to finish 3rd of 27 in SSP, and 3rd of 47 shooters overall.

As expected the drive home on the interstate took more time than the morning drive to the match. I had neglected to bring spare shoes and socks, which made the drive time with cold wet feet seem even longer. Arriving home I was looking forward to warming up. Alas, as I drove into my driveway I was reminded of the consequence of a week of rain — a yard full of extra tall grass in dire need of mowing! That hot shower and hot mug of coffee would wait just a bit longer.

More pictures from the match are posted here.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Range Trip

Well, actually it was a father and son trip, on Mother's Day. Our son had told me a couple weeks ago he wanted to hit the range when he came home, so how could I not oblige? He was only home four days, but fortunately the rain finally stopped and Sunday turned out to be beautiful sunny day. Colleen opted to stay home and spend some time baking, something she enjoys so everybody wins. (And we all enjoyed the fruits of her labor later in the day.)

My son picked out the pistols to pack and he selected the SIG Sauer P226 and P320, the M&P Shield, and the Kimber 1911. A well-balanced selection indeed. Despite the sun shining for the first time in nearly a week, we arrived to find an empty bay to use. As we walked up to the firing line to start shooting the wind kicked up and the cardboard we had hung began blowing back into a horizontal position. On more than one occasion we had an automatic, but random, target exposure system going as we tried to catch the target when it dropped backed down vertically.

We spent almost two hours rotating through the guns. As usual, my son impressed me with his skills. It's also comforting to know he's competent with a variety of weapons. Besides all the gun talk, it was great to spend time just chatting. I was a little distracted making sure we didn't pull the trigger at the same time too frequently, but otherwise it was an extremely enjoyable outing. When he returns next month to spend the rest of his summer break with us, we'll be enjoying more family range outings.