Monday, December 17, 2012

Chips? Or Not?

During a recent visit to Park Lane Tavern, my astute son made an observation on the pub's menu. "They're not very consistent," he noted.

He noted that the "Fish & Chips," served with what we call "fries" in the U.S.

He then pointed out the "Tavern Chips."

He's an unabashed potato fan so it's no surprise that he was studying these menu items. Of course, he also remembers his potatoes from our Ireland trip. His suggestion was that if they're listing "Fish & Chips," then the second menu item should actually be "Tavern Crisps."


  1. While discussing this issue with my innkeeper on the Isle of Man, we came to the understanding that ‘chips’ is a regional term of art meaning cut / fried potatoes. I used the same example and he snapped back - no Dave, those are ‘crisps’.

    My wife & I were shopping in Douglas when we found a bag of potato chips, not crisps, so i took a picture and brought it back to the B&B for my innkeeper’s benefit and enlightenment. :-)

    1. Good thing they're good in any form. Even if we don't know what we're ordering, we'll get some tasty food! :-)

  2. Now seems do be a good time to teach your son about the principles of marketing, which have nothing to do with consistency or honesty... ;)

    1. Fortunately he has his father's sense of cynicism. :-)


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